If aliens came to earth and started killing humans at the same rate that we kill non human animals for consumption, but didn’t force breed us like we do to non human animals,  we would be extinct within 17 days.

this post is so stupid I hope aliens come to earth and take you back with them for research

i like how they had a fucking number like where the fuck did you pull this out of

150 billion animals killed each year (extremely underestimated and based on numbers from about 6 years ago)

150 billion ÷ 365 (days in a year) = 410,958,904 (animals killed each day)

410,958,904 x 17 (days) = 6986301368  ( + around 13 hours to kill the remaining 211,087,874 humans)

So there,

17 days (and 13 hours) to kill off the 7197389242 humans that inhabit this planet

Do you fucking need to be spoon fed everything jesus fucking christ.

17 days.